I find one of the best ways to accomplish big things is by having the three T’s: Targets, Tactics, and Timelines.  

When you set a goal, keep those targets in front of you and be sure to track them so you can see your progress.

Targets are your set goals – things like the number of listings you want to carry, the number of sales for the year, the number of people you want to sponsor into the company.

Tactics are how you are going to achieve this. Decide what activities you are going to do, like marketing, public relations, attending events, and prospecting. Strive to improve and utilize what has worked while moving on from what hasn’t.

Timelines are pretty simple. You need a realistic idea of when you will reach your set target and accomplish your goal. Some need more structure and will set deadlines for every task to keep them in line, while others may prefer giving themselves more breathing room, so they don’t feel as pressured. Do what works for you.

Many of us have heard of the Targets, Tactics, and Timelines, but it’s equally important to make them Trackable. Measuring your progress helps you stick with your goals. I recommend you write it down, and at the end of every day, close your eyes for 120 seconds and ask yourself what worked today. It gives you a great starting point for tomorrow and puts your head in the right place.

There is one more T word I’d like to add to the list: Tenacity. It is proven that you can persist regardless of your circumstances when you have a big enough reason; your why. One of the greatest benefits of hitting your targets is the ripple effect of how many people you impact.