Technology disruption came about in the real estate industry because the consumer was craving it.  Now they’re flooded with information on-demand from multiple sources. 

What they don’t understand, however, is how that information impacts them. If I’m a first time home buyer and money is so tight that I’m a broken water heater away from being able to pay my mortgage, I need to know everything involved and what it means to my personal circumstances so I’m really prepared. And if I work with a talented real estate professional who not only has thorough market knowledge, but who interprets and explains the information in a meaningful way and creates a positive experience for me, I’m going to recommend that agent to everyone I know. No one can disrupt talent. No one can disrupt somebody with a phenomenal skill set who is diligent and deliberate.

I think that being diligent and deliberate is the most important thing. Stop focusing on what everybody else is doing and instead focus on what it is you can do to maximize your time, energy, efforts and results for the clients you genuinely care about.  If you’re going to warrant the commission you earn then you must provide serious value. People are not leads, they’re people.

In Boston near where I live, there are so many unbelievably amazing restaurants in the north end. Many are small and family owned, and they take delight in preparing meals “off menu” for their guests. They consider it an honor. When visitors come to town, I like to take them one of those restaurants so they can have an experience rather than simply dining at the same restaurant chain they could visit at home.  This is the experience economy – what do you want your clients to experience next year? Ask them, “What could I do that would WOW you so I can keep earning your business?”

The best way to get a jump start on 2021 is to finish 2020 strong. This is the perfect time to look at all the things you did right this year and do more of them.  Look at all the things that didn’t go well or deliver results and let them go. For many people, their first impression is their best impression, but are you making sure your follow-up and follow-through is just as good? Really think about what it is you need to learn to be prepared to serve people to the best of your ability.  The more of that you do, the more prepared you’ll be to succeed in 2021 and beyond.