2022 Real Estate Outlook

Throughout 2021, buyers and sellers have been in emotional overdrive as they navigate multiple offer situations time and again and they’ve often bought in a panic. We’ve seen offers over asking price and anxious buyers waiving appraisals and home inspections hoping to position their offer better in the eyes of the seller.  They’ve offered on condos or townhouses when what they really wanted was a single-family home, just so they could own something.

No One Ever Listened Their Way Out of a Sale

In real estate, our livelihood depends on how well we talk to people, but more than that, it depends on how well we listen.  Journalist Celeste Headlee, said, “There is no reason to learn how to show you’re paying attention, if you are in fact paying attention.”  Being present, and really listening without interrupting, asking thoughtful, open-ended questions really helps you to understand the person in front of you.