In an article for Forbes on the continuing gender wage disparity, Senior Contributor, Tom Spiggle, wrote, “Over the past few decades, this gender pay gap has been narrowing. But it’s a slow process and at the current rate, the gender pay gap will remain until 2059.” 2059?! That’s all kinds of wrong.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve seen office culture upended, supply chains disrupted, and huge shifts in the job market.  Still, women earn 82 cents on the dollar to men. 82%. Why hasn’t this changed?

People are walking away from their corporate and service sector jobs in droves, and an awful lot more are wishing they could.  Although it might have seemed attractive at first to be able to satellite from home during the initial phase of the pandemic, this didn’t necessarily translate into more flexibility for women because many were sitting in front of their computer all day or trying to juggle work and child care. Those who did enjoy increased flexibility are now hesitant about returning to the office.  I met with a woman recently whose commute is an hour and forty-five minutes each way. She loves her job working with people from all around the world and loves working from home, but all that is changing. Again.  

And so instead of working just as hard for less money, many women want work-life balance and choices.  They want something… more.

More – more memories, more opportunities, more relevance, more experiences, and yes, more money, too.  The gender pay gap is certainly one of the reasons many women jumped into a career in real estate sales, but the desire for something more is why they’re joining EXIT Realty.

With EXIT’s residual program, they can earn more than 100%. They have the opportunity to earn enough passive income over and above their commissions to be able to take a break from selling real estate to focus on homeschooling their children or caring for ailing family members. Anything they want. It’s all about choices. With cash flow comes freedom and flexibility.

So forget about 82%.  A career with EXIT Realty provides the opportunity to not only make what anybody else is making, but to earn more than 100% and still enjoy the quality of life that makes it all worthwhile – on your own time, in your own way.  Don’t wait until 2059. Don’t even wait until tomorrow.  Experience EXIT today.