“People want to be part of something better. They want to feel like they belong, they’re being heard and that their individuality is honored; that they have the opportunity to contribute and to earn a living which will not only finance their lifestyle today and tomorrow but also their dreams”

Tami Bonnell, CEO, EXIT Realty Corp. International commented following the company’s announcement today that it has topped $460 million paid to-date in single-level residual bonuses to its real estate professionals across the U.S. and Canada.

EXIT Realty Corp. International’s business model, known as the EXIT Formula, is unique in the real estate industry. “The EXIT Formula provides the opportunity for financial security now and when agents want to retire or take a break from selling real estate, and even leave a legacy” says Bonnell. “A spirit of mentorship is fostered because agents have to be invited to join our company by one of our associates, resulting in a culture unparalleled in our industry.”

The company’s 18-member executive team leads with more than 460 combined years of real estate experience and has served the company, on average, for more than 15 years. “Being a privately-held, stable company empowers us to turn on a dime,” said Bonnell. “We don’t answer to venture capitalists or shareholders. Our head office personnel, regional leaders, broker/owners, sales representatives, their staff, and the consumers they serve are our stakeholders, and we answer to them. Real estate is a people business, first and foremost. We don’t do what everyone else does. We do what works.”